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Cellular Resonance® is a core element in your wellness journey, promoting health and connection with the essence of well-being.

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CRQH proudly stands recognized by the American Naturopathic Association, symbolizing quality and innovation in the field of natural health

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CRQH’s is not magic, but science. Cellular Resonance® is an evolving part of the revolutionary field of energy medicine.

Unlock Your Body's Natural Healing Power with Cellular Resonance® Quantum Healing

Experience transformative healing that resonates with every cell in your body.

Answer The Call to Heal

Learn to facilitate profound healing for yourself or others. The path to transformation begins here with CRQH. Will you take the first step?

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Join hands with a thriving community of Cellular Resonance® Quantum Healing practitioners. Together, we innovate, heal, and inspire.

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“In CRQH, our role isn’t to cure or heal directly; rather, we focus on identifying and resolving the underlying causes of our client’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual conditions —be it trauma, suppressed emotions, familial lineage issues, epigenetic factors, karmic stress, or other wounds. Our approach aims to update the brain and nervous system’s stuck survival mechanisms, thereby activating the client’s natural self-healing capabilities. Over the past 38 years, this methodology has shown remarkable success in addressing a wide array of acute and chronic challenges, supporting individuals on their transformative and evolutionary healing journey.”

Hi, I’m Dr Doug Lehrer and I help holistic wellness practitioners heal the root causes in their patients and create sustainable heart-centered practices by mastering Cellular Resonance® Quantum Healing.

With over 38 years in the realm of medicine and healing, I’ve always envisioned a space where science harmoniously intertwines with spirit. This vision is now realized in the Lehrer School of Energy Medicine Mastery. My mission is to share the transformative power of Cellular Resonance® Quantum Healing with health and wellness enthusiasts worldwide. Together, our goal is clear: To profoundly enrich all aspects of human life – from health and love to prosperity.

Each individual has a unique energy rhythm that resonates at the cellular level. Life’s challenges can offset this rhythm, but Cellular Resonance® Quantum Healing provides the balance. It goes beyond addressing symptoms, catalyzing transformative energies and revealing hidden potential. My aspiration is to equip practitioners with this tool, ushering in a new era of comprehensive healing.

Join us on this journey. Together, let’s shape the future of healing, grounded in decades of passion and experience. Let’s begin today!

Are You Ready To Elevate Your Client Care? CRQH Seamlessly Complements All These Roles:

Integrative & Holistic MD, DO, Nurses

Have you ever felt limited by traditional symptom-based approaches? Step into the realm of CRQH. Tap into the power of cellular resonance to truly understand underlying issues, elevating your patient care to a whole new level.

Integrative Mental Health Professionals

Looking to expand your therapeutic toolkit? Embrace CRQH to delve deep into the cellular resonance of emotional and cognitive patterns, offering holistic solutions that go beyond traditional treatments.

CAM Practitioners, OMD, L.Ac, PT, Chiropractors

Eager to rejuvenate patient care and step into your healing potential? Dive into CRQH  to uncover underlying health intricacies and serve patients across all life stages with a holistic touch.

Functional Medicine Practitioners, NDs

Ready to enhance your holistic healing approach? Integrate CRQH into your practice, harnessing cellular resonance to address physical misalignments, hormonal imbalances, and more, elevating patient well-being.

Energy Medicine Practitioners

Are you searching for innovative ways to address anxiety, stress, and trauma? CRQH’s  approach offers transformative techniques, enriching therapeutic journeys and ensuring emotional balance for your clients.

Holistic Wellness Practitioners

From massage therapists to esoteric experts, do you feel the need to deepen your healing spectrum? With CRQH, tap into the power of cellular resonance, offering tailored solutions that resonate both with you and your clients, ensuring mutual well-being.

The Path To Mastery in CRQH

Register Your Interest In CRQH Training and Transform Lives Through Quantum Healing

Are you ready to elevate your practice and become a catalyst for profound healing? Our training in Cellular Resonance Quantum Healing (CRQH) is your gateway to mastering the art of holistic wellness.

Why Choose CRQH Training?

  • Unlock the Power of Soul to Cell™ Healing: Go beyond traditional medicine and explore the depths of energetic healing that addresses the root causes of physical, emotional, and mental imbalances.
  • Comprehensive Certification: Gain the skills, insights, and certification you need to stand out in the ever-evolving field of energy medicine.
  • Global Community: Join a network of like-minded practitioners dedicated to transforming lives through holistic healing.

What’s Included?

  • In-depth in person workshops covering the fundamentals of CRQH
  • Hands-on practice sessions with other student practitioners
  • Lifetime access to a library of resources, including case studies and research papers
  • Ongoing support from Dr. Doug Lehrer and the CRQH team

Upcoming 2024 CRQH Trainings with Dr. Doug Lehrer & Team

Level 1 Las Vegas – Aug 19-22

Level 1 Los Angeles – September 5-8

Level 1 Austin – September 26-29

Level 1 New York – October 17-20

Level 2 Orlando – November 14-17

Level 1 Prague, Czech Republic – November 21-24 (English only)

Level 2 Prague, Czech Republic – December 19-22 (English only)


Level 1 Orlando – January 24-26

Level 3 Orlando – January 30-02

Level 4 Cancun – April 16-19

Register Your Interest & Talk To Our Team

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Learn In Person & Learn Online

Comprehensive CRQH Learning

Our virtual learning environment offers a wealth of resources and courses on CRQH, making it an ideal platform for those seeking a deep, holistic understanding of this groundbreaking healing modality. The platform’s design ensures that learners can navigate through various sections easily, gaining access to an extensive collection of educational materials.

Courses for Every Level

Whether you’re a beginner just dipping your toes into the field of quantum healing, or an advanced practitioner seeking to enhance your knowledge, our online platform caters to all levels of expertise. With a wide selection of courses, webinars, and training sessions, learners can choose the path that aligns best with their educational needs and career goals.

Learn at Your Own Pace

We understand that everyone’s learning style and pace are unique. That’s why our online platform allows learners to go through the materials at their own speed, ensuring a comfortable, stress-free learning experience. This flexible approach lets you absorb the information effectively and apply it practically in your healing journey.

Holistic Wellness Education, Redefined

The primary goal of our virtual learning section is to make holistic wellness education accessible to all, regardless of geographical boundaries. We strive to deliver engaging, in-depth content that not only imparts knowledge but also encourages learners to apply this knowledge in their healing practice. It’s a comprehensive approach designed to cultivate competent, confident practitioners of Cellular Resonance Quantum Healing (CRQH).

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Here is what clients and students have to say abut Dr Doug's work

"I had staph infection in my jaw that dissolved my bones causing the greatest pain I've ever felt. After working with Dr. Doug, the pain is literally gone!"

"The Level 1 workshop is beyond words. I would love everyone to know the work that Dr. Doug Lehrer does. He is extraordinary! - Dr. Eva Luskačová MD, DMD

"My fibromyalgia felt like acid was going through my pains. After working with Dr. Doug my pain went from a 7 to a 1 after just 15 minutes!"


"I would love for people to know that this work is truly special, unique, and it works...This experience is magical."


"My range of motion has expanded! The pain is not there anymore!"


"I had unending panic and anxiety attacks. My life was full of stress and worry, and after working with Dr. Doug, I am so full and healed now!"


"I am forever grateful for all the help Dr. Doug gave me in such a short amount of time..."


"I checked out Dr. Doug, and it completely changed my life. He helped me to get out of a toxic relationship and have more success in my fashion career."


Dr. Doug's Books

Discover Quantum Healing ebook

Discover Quantum Healing (Ebook)

Are you prepared to explore new horizons of healing? Are you ready to uplift your practice to realms previously unimagined? Let's embark on this remarkable journey together, unlocking the full potential of holistic “soul to cell” healing.

In this guide, we will delve into the expansive benefits of weaving CRQH intoyour healing practice. This approach allows for a deeper understanding of your patients, enriching treatment results and fostering empowering relationships.

CRQH transcends traditional symptom-focused care, offering a journey to the core of healing - addressing root causes and facilitating change that reverberates at the very essence of our being.

A Quantum Healing Journey

A Quantum
Healing Journey (Paperback)

A Quantum Healing Journey unveils seven transformative secrets guiding you from fear to love, and from the soul to the cell. Delve into indispensable bio hacks that awaken powerful healing capacities within, revitalizing every facet of your being. This isn't just theory; it's a hands on guide enriched with energy exercises proven to elevate well-being.

Whether you're a healing practitioner or someone seeking a higher consciousness, embrace this journey to achieve unparalleled health, love, and success in every dimension of life.

Quantum Mastery

Mastery (Paperback)

Journey into the heart of energy and enlightenment with Quantum Mastery. Dr. Doug uncovers the profound synergy between quantum physics and the human spirit. Navigating beyond the surface, this book illuminates the path to harnessing the universe's infinite energy for unparalleled self-improvement.

From actionable exercises to deep-seated wisdom, it's more than just a read; it's a life-altering experience. Perfect for both seasoned healers seeking advanced techniques and individuals on a quest for personal mastery. Quantum Mastery is your guide to unlocking the cosmos's boundless potentials within you.